MLS Preset Manager

The Preset Manager allows you to customize several different lighting states of the scene. You can add objects you want to customize and then be able to quickly switch between its or start baking automatically for all presets.


Main Window



Create New

Creates a new preset. If the manager already has other presets, then the settings of the last one in the list will be copied to the newly created one.

Preset Scroll

In Minimized Mode




Loads the settings of a preset.


Creates a new preset and copies the settings of the current one to it.


Deletes the preset.

In Maximized Mode



Duplicate And Edit

Creates a new preset and copies the settings of the current one to it. The new preset becomes active and editable.


Deletes the preset.

Add Selected [object type]...

Adds the selected object(s) to the preset. You can add an unlimited number of objects. After that, its settings for editing will become available to you.

Object types

You can control the settings of the following types of objects:

  • Game Objects - You can save object state. (on/off)

  • Light Sources - You have access to the Transform component settings and basic light source settings. The list of available settings will vary for different RP types and lights.

  • Bakery Lights and Light Meshes - Settings for Bakery lights. Light Meshes are controlled separately, the rest of the lights are edited along with the standard Unity light.

  • Custom Blendables - Custom Blendable settings. You have access to a list of all shared script parameters using Custom Blendable.

  • General Lighting Settings - Scene Environment, Fog and Skybox settings. (Built-In RP and URP only)

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