Bakery - GPU Lightmapper

Lightmapper Selection

The plugin can work with Bakery. If Bakery is installed in the project, then an additional option will be available in the manager window - "Lightmapper". You can choose which one to use for baking the scene.


Bakery uses its own skybox shader and sets it automatically when you click one of the mapping buttons in the interface of the "Bakery Sky Light" component.

When all your lightmaps are baked and stored, make sure you change the shader to Magic Lightmap Switcher ➞ Skybox ➞ [desired shader] for blending and switching to work properly.

Possible Issues

Bakery uses its own lightmap array and tries to load it at runtime during edit playback. If you baked a scene using the Bakery, and then for some reason decided to use the built-in lightmapper, then you need to clear the scene data. Otherwise it will break lightmaps. Use Bakery ➞ Utilites ➞ Clear Baked Data

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