Manual for v1.37 Lite and v1.2.1 Pro

Magic Lightmap Switcher is a Unity editor extension that will allow you to store baked lightmap data and then switch between its instantly or interpolate smoothly.

The following data is involved in switching and blending:

  • Lightmaps

  • Lightprobes

  • Reflection probes

  • Light sources settings

  • Skybox texture

  • Scene fog settings

  • Any custom data such as post-processing settings, Volume component settings in SRP, or variable values ​​of any of your script

System features:

  • Switching and blending all available baked data in the scene at runtime

  • Using shaders and multithreading for system operation, which allows you to maintain high performance

  • Support for multiple lighting scenarios for one scene

  • Automatic baking and storing process of lightmaps in turn order


  • Magic Light Probes

  • Bakery GPU Lightmapper

  • This list will expand over time and according to users requests

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