Enviro - Sky and Weather

You can create presets for different times of day with Enviro. For this, MLS uses Custom Blendables.

You just need to add the prepared script EnviroHours.cs from the Magic Lightmap Switcher ➞ Examples ➞ Scripts folder to the EnviroSky object.

The Mls_b_EnviroHours variable is linked to the time system in Enviro, by moving the slider you can choose the time of day for which you want to create a preset.

To create a preset with the current time of day, add the EnviroSky object to the preset manager and specify the time in the range from 0 to 24.

Create the number of presets you need, select Queue for Storing Mode option and check the Create Lightmap Scenario option.

After pressing the Bake And Store Lightmap Queue button, lightmaps will be baked and saved automatically for all presets.

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