Magic Light Probes
Latest Version (1.95.4)
  • Combining meshes for more accurate placement results
  • Ability to generate probes in prefabs
  • Automatically check for updates (temporarily disabled due to security issues)
  • Workflow selection
    • Simple (quick and easy)
    • Advanced (slower and more accurate)
  • HDRP/URP compatible
  • GPU acceleration for some passes of calculation
  • Quick editing of volume parameters after calculation
    • Equivalent Volume Filling (GPU)
    • Spacing In Corners (GPU)
    • Unlit Volume Filling (GPU)
    • Color Threshold
  • The light sources in the "Lights" tab of the manager are now sorted by type and mode
  • Installing probes in manual mode (option "Set Custom Probes" in "MLP Combined Volume" component)
  • Automatic division of large volumes into smaller ones
  • Removing probes with equivalent color neighbors
  • Automatic installation of probes at the edges of the geometry
  • Probes optimization after volume combination
  • Culling by maximum height
  • Culling by geometry collisions
  • Arrangement of probes along geometry
  • Multithreading
  • Support terrain
  • The ability to divide the scene into separate volumes
  • Debug volume calculation steps
The latest version is always available on the Update Server. Also the update can be downloaded and installed directly from the editor. Use the "About MLP..." window
You can only access it if you have already bought an asset. To access you will need a username (you can use any) and your invoice number. Registration is automatic.
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